About MACqy™

Introducing the qyckdeals MACqy merchant appreciation campaign! The Merchant Appreciation Campaign recognizes and rewards qyckdeals™ affiliates and merchants. We reward our Affiliates to patronize merchant businesses and we reward the merchants with a percentage of bitqy as well.

If you have a merchant or ARE a merchant that is not listed here, please let us know ASAP so we can get them listed.


  1. Visit a merchant on the Merchant List or another REGISTERED brick-and-mortar bitqyck™ merchant and buy a service (up to $500 in value).
  2. Take a picture of your receipt that includes yours and the merchant’s bitqyck™ ID numbers written on it.
  3. Take a picture with you and the business (for example: take a selfie in front of the business, take a picture of you holding a menu, take a selfie inside the business, etc.).
  4. Take a picture with the manager on duty (this could be a GM, an assistant manager, or anyone with the manager authority available at the time you are there) – not required but recommended.


The reward is 50% of the value of your receipt (NOT including tip) will be paid to you and the merchant in bitqy™ at the current market value. For example: if you go to a restaurant and your check is $250, you and the merchant will receive a split of the $125 in bitqy™ with you getting 60% of the allocated bitqy and the merchant receiving 40%.


While this campaign is all about recognizing and appreciating our registered merchants, this also presents a great opportunity to sign up new customers. Use this promotion as one example of how you can benefit by being an affiliate. Simple steps: 1) tell people that you just got paid to visit one of our merchants; 2) ask them if they would like the opportunity to get paid to do the same thing; and 3) show them one of our videos.


What are we going to do with all of those great pictures? First of all, we will use the pictures to verify your merchant visit. Secondly, we will create some great geo-targeted social promotions that will give our registered merchants even more exposure.


Do you frequent a business often where you love their restaurant or services? This is a great opportunity to enroll them so they too can benefit from our network and social media exposure.  Tell them to LIST THEIR BUSINESS.  Be sure to give them your sponsor ID number and assist them in the enrollment process if needed.


  • There is a $500 maximum ticket (tip is NOT included in total)
  • Business must be a registered qyckdeals™ merchant with a unique ID number
  • Whoever sends in the receipt must be an active Affiliate with a unique ID number to participate in this campaign
  • You must UPLOAD the receipt and the images to the UPLOAD page
  • The receipt must have a date on it and be an original (receipts that say “Duplicate” or Reprint” will not be accepted)
  • The receipt must be digital (computer printed) and completely legible from top to bottom
  • You and the merchant need to like our qyckdeals™ Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/qyckdeals
  • bitqy™ will be given in accordance with standard bitqy allocation processes.
  • There is a $10 minimum per receipt and a maximum of 1 submission per affiliate per merchant each day
  • bitqyck™ reserves the right to NOT allow a submission

bitqyck, Inc.
211 N Ervay St
17th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201

bitqyck, Inc.
211 N Ervay St, 17th Floor
Dallas, TX 75201